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Kilpatrick Carbon Sequencer Demo

Kilpatrick Carbon

Kilpatrick Carbon

This is a live demo of the Kilpatrick Carbon sequencer. You can get more information on the sequencer at the Kilpatrick Audio website.

The track is called C6, as the Carbon sequencer has 6 tracks, and carbon is the 6th element in the periodic table.

The Carbon sequencer is driving a Roland Juno-106, Akai S-612 sampler, Korg Volca Beats, and Yamaha YPP-55 digital piano (playing a choral voice patch). The output of the Yamaha is looped through a Korg MS-20 Mini, which is getting triggered from the Carbon as well.

I'm playing the arpeggiator built into the Carbon (controlling the Juno-106), and also shuffling patterns and scenes in real time.

Thanks to Andrew Kilpatrick for hanging out in the studio, and making this video.

The Stereo Effect Project - C6 (CARBON Sequencer Demo)

The Stereo Effect Project - C6 (CARBON Sequencer Demo)

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